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You can find a cheap and delicious “Döner Kebab” on every corner. Kebab is a turkish meal but in the seventies a Turkish immigrant in Berlin, named Mehmet Aygün, changed the original recipe and began to sell the Kebab in “Fladenbrot” (flatbread) with “Salat” (salad), “geschnittenen Tomaten” (sliced tomatoes), “Gurken” (cucumbers), “Zwiebeln” (onions), and “Weiß- und Rotkohl” (white and red cabbage). It's one of the most popular fast-food dishes in Germany. You should try it out! To order one, just say: “Ein Kebab bitte” (One Kebab please). You'll be asked: “Mit allem?” (with everything?) and you should say: “Ja”. They might also ask you: “Mit Scharf?” and whether you say “Ja” or “Nein” (no) depends on whether you like you food spicy or not.

Since most employees in a “Döner Kebab Laden” (döner kebab joint) are Turkish immigrants, they might not speak English unless it's in an area with many tourists.

Another great inexpensive meal is “Currywurst” (curry sausage). It's a chopped sausage served with  a small bread in a delicious curry sauce. You'll find those in one of the many “Currywurstbude” (curry sausage hut). You can order a “rote Currywurst” or a “weiße Currywurst”. I guess you should try both to find out which one you prefer. While it is still not 100% clear who invented the “Currywurst”, most people believe it was Herta Heuwer who invented it in Berlin in 1949. “Currywurstbuden” also offer a wide variety of other fast-food dishes. Mainly based on “Wurst” (sausage) but also “Frikadelle” (meatball) and “Schnitzel” (scallop). You should be aware that the people who work in a “Currywurstbude” usually don't speak English. So if you want to order something just say: “Ich hätte gerne eine [Currywurst/Frikadelle/Schnitzel]” (I'd like to have a [curry sausage/meatball/scallop]).

Especially in cities that are close to the sea you can find “Fischbrötchen” (fish bread). It's usually a fried fish with mayonnaise and tomatoes or other vegetables on a small bread. The chain “Nordsee” (north sea) sells those “Fischbrötchen” and other sea food like “frittierte Krabben” (fried crabs) with “Dipsoße” (dip). If you like seafood you might want to check them out.

Of course you can also find American fast-food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky fried chicken or Subways everywhere in Germany. Since they usually use the original English names for their burgers you don't really need to learn any German phrases to order there. Usually McDonalds and Burger King even accept Dollar.

But it should worth mentioning that outside of big cities like Berlin, it's almost impossible to find a real good burger.

“Vegetarisches” (vegetarian) or “veganes” (vegan) fast-food is increasingly popular in some of the more alternative areas of Berlin like Kreutzberg or Friedrichshain. There you can find vegan hot dogs, vegan burger and even vegan Döner Kebab. In smaller towns you might not be that lucky.



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