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Being in France is obviously a good opportunity to enjoy German culture. There are a lot of thing to see, from “eine Oper” (an opera) to “ein Fußballspiel” (a soccer game).

You‘ll find an opera house in every major city in Germany. Germanys capital Berlin there are three opera houses. „Die Staatsoper unter den Linden“, „die Deutsche Oper“ and „die Komische Oper“. „Die Komische Oper“ is the smallest one and offers 1340 seats for opera enthusiasts. The biggest one is „die Staatsoper unter den Linden“ with 1900 seats. The oldest German opera is the „Bayrische Staatsoper“ in Munich. According to the proffesional publication „Opernwelt“, the opera houses in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt are among the most important opera houses in the world.

If you want to enjoy culture, Germany is full of “Museen” (museums). Those in Berlins are generally big and cover a lot of different subject form modern art to German or Egypt history. In the smaller towns, the museums cover regional activities or subject, and are obviously much smaller. But in the countryside you can find many “Burgen” (castles). Everywhere in Germany, you can find Medieval castles, with fortifications and heavy walls. There are basically many types of castles, depending of the era it was built.

If you want to experience something that is “etwas lebhafter” (more vivid), you‘ll find many events organized all around Germany, especially during the summer. There are dozens of music festivals every year. The biggest music festivals are „Rock am Ring“ and „Rock im Park“ which are held during the same time. „Rock am Ring“ takes place at the Nürburgring racetrack and „Rock im Park“ takes place at the Frankenstadion in Nürnberg. Both are three day events. Usually, the artists that perform on one day at the „Rock am Ring“ will perform the next day at „Rock im Park“ and vice versa. It‘s the biggest music festival in Germany and one of the largest in the world with over 150,000 visitors every year. It is important to note that in recent years both festivals sold out in advance!

In case you prefer harder rock music you should have a look at „Wacken Open Air“. With 80,000 festival visitors it‘s one of the leading heavy metal Festivals in the world.

But if you prefer more relaxed music you might want to visit the „SummerJam“ in Cologne. It‘s Europe‘s biggest reggae festival with 25,000 to 30,000 visitors every year.

Another remarkable music festival is „Rocco del Schlacko“ in Püttlingen near the french border. the festival grew from 600 to over 20,000 visitors within the last decade.

If you are a fan of sports, you can go to “ein Stadion” (a stadium) to see “ein Spiel” (a game). Obviously the most popular game in Germany is “Fußball” (soccer). The stadiums can be quite big, and the experience is unique. The biggest stadium in Germany is the „Signal Iduna Park“ in Dortmund with almost 81,000 seats. Another very interesting stadium is the „Allianz Arena“ in Munich.

If you love German cinema, or German theater, you will be pleased. Prices are generally reasonable, especially for theater plays, and you can often go at the last minute. Foreign movies are generally dubbed, so any Hollywood movie will be in English.

If you are a gambler, there are casinos in Germany, but “der Hausanteil” (the rake) is huge!

You probably already know something about the well known sites like „der Reichstag“ or „Schloss Neuschwanstein“. To find lesser known places, just go to “Tourismusinformation”  (tourism information) of the city you are staying in. There are lots of historical buildings to see and enjoy.

You‘ll have lots of things to do and to to see during your stay in Germany so you wont be bored. Haben Sie viel Spaß!



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