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Getting around in Germany is easy. You can choose between renting a “Auto” (car), taking the “Bahn” (train), or “fliegen” (flying).

Renting a car

If you want to rent a car in Germany, you can go to one of the big car rental chains like Avis, Sixt, Europcar, or Hertz. You can also choose one of the many smaller local car rental companies. It will help to know the following sentences when renting a car:

“Ich würde gerne ein Auto mieten.” - I'd like to rent a car.

“Ich hätte gerne einen Mercedes.” - I'd like to get a Mercedes.

“Haben Sie noch einen BMW da?” - Do you have BMW here?

“Wieviel kostet ein größerer/kleinerer Wagen?” - How much does a bigger/smaller car cost?

“Ich hätte gerne Vollkasko.” - I'd like to take the fully comprehensive cover.

“Wo kann ich den Wagen in Berlin abgeben?” - Where can I give you the car back in Berlin?

“Ich habe eine Kundenkarte.” - I have a loyalty card.

“Nehmen Sie auch American Express?” - Do you accept American Express?

“Der Wagen gefällt mir.” - I like that car.

“Welche Nummer kann ich im Notfall anrufen?” - Which number can I call in case of an emergency?

Going by train

Germany has a very good rail network. Exploring Germany by train can be much more relaxing than driving through the rush hour on a German Autobahn. It isn't exactly “billig” (cheap) but it's usually affordable.

You can buy your train ticket in one of the many “Ticketautomaten” that you'll find inside of every train station. They even offer English menus, and you can pay with your credit card. You could even buy your ticket online and just print out your own ticket. However, if you need help buying your ticket, don't hesitate to walk up to one of the ticket counter. The following sentences should help you with buying a ticket in a German train station:

“Hallo! Ich möchte von Berlin nach München fahren.” - Hello, I want to travel from Berlin to Munich.

“Wo muss ich umsteigen?” - Where do I have to change trains?

“Wieviel Zeit habe ich zum umsteigen?” - How much time do I have to change trains?

“Wie lange dauert die Fahrt?” - How long does it take to get there?

“Gibt es einen Speisewagen?” - Will there be a buffet car?

“Ich würde gerne einen Sitzplatz reservieren.” - I'd like to reserve a seat.

“Wieviel kostet das?” - How much is it?

“Wird es eine Verspätung geben?” - Will the train be late?

“Auf welchem Gleis fährt der Zug ab?” - On which platform will the train leave?

“Wo finde ich Gleis 8?” - Where can I find platform 8?


There are many airlines that offer flight within Germany for very little money. Just use your normal online booking service. The announcements are usually in English so you have nothing to worry about.

Enjoy your “Reise” (trip)!



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