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Time for another audio quiz. Listen closely and answer the questions. Viel Erfolg!

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1.) What did he play?
a) soccer
b) rugby
c) tennis

2.) What happened when he played?
a) he won the match
b) he got injured
c) he lost the match

3.) What did he do?
a) nothing
b) walk to the doctor
c) call an ambulance

4.) When did the ambulance arrive?
a) after thirty minutes
b) after twenty minutes
c) not at all

5.) He wasn't feeling very well!
a) true
b) false

6.) Did a doctor take care of him?
a) yes, but first he had to explain everything to a nurse
b) yes
c) no, but he talked to a nurse

7.) Did he tell her about his accident?
a) no
b) yes

8.) Did she look happy?
a) no
b) yes

9.) Did he need a plaster cast?
a) yes
b) no

10.) Did he get painkillers from the doctor?
a) no
b) yes

11.) How long did he sleep when he came back?
a) a few minutes
b) a few days
c) a few hours

12.) For how long will he be unable to play soccer?
a) a few days
b) a few weeks
c) he'll never be able to play soccer again

13.) Does he even like soccer?
a) yes, very much
b) no, not really

14.) What is his favorite team?
a) Borussia Dortmund
b) Bayern Munich
c) Manchester United

15.) Are his friends soccer fans?
a) no
b) yes

16.) Is he a good player?
a) no, but he likes to play
b) yes, he's a great player



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